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8 Free minutes for passengers on the plane you may not know

Wednesday - 21/06/2017 16:08
Just a little note that you can fully enjoy better services in each of its flights.
8 Free minutes for passengers on the plane you may not know
Typically, aircraft passengers think the fare for each flight only include shipping. Therefore, not many people know that the services and benefits they may have in each flight usually much larger.

Let's go through the list of free things that you can fully enjoy on each flight to see, you're really not a wise passengers.

1. soda cans

Usually, the only flight attendant pouring soda into a glass half yours. With limited volume of coke together with the amount of ice, soda cans your still quite full. So next time, call the former a soda. The flight attendants will be happy to bring you a can full of resources.
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2. The drugs and basic medical equipment

While the airlines have different regulations, the majority of flights are equipped with the necessary drugs as painkillers, anti-drunk. You absolutely can get the drugs and medical items in the free.
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3. Hot Chocolate

Besides coffee and tea, most of the airlines have a hot chocolate instead. The airline like Etihad Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Southwest Airlines will serve hot chocolate for economy class. The carrier Qantas even gives travelers chocolate Cadbury hot chocolate made from premium to taste delicious.
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4. Alcohol Free

Although today, the service always comes airplane passengers costing a small fee, many airlines still serve free alcohol.

For example, Alaska Airlines offers a free beer on a flight; US Airways also bundled wine with dinner in international flights. Delta airline wine, beer while Lufthansa has quite a menu of alcoholic beverages for guests to choose from.
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5. The personal belongings

With long flights, many airlines will prepare items such as earplugs, pens, combs, and all passengers can get them comfortable. Emirates airline is even prepare items in the same hotel for passengers such as razors, toothbrushes, socks, toothpaste ...
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6. Snacks More

Junk food rations on board for each visitor generally less hungry and makes you fast. However, you can ask for more. If after the passenger service which is still excessive, flight attendants will not be rejected by politely asking you.
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7. Tour cockpit

For reasons of security, experts restrictions for visitors to the cockpit. However, many airlines still offer free tours for tourists visiting the area to fly. Appropriate time to carry out the tour is after the plane landed and the pilot will not be distracted.
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8. Paper feed

Aircraft are often very dirty and full of bacteria. That is why you will want to clean yourself sitting area as table, chair armrest. If you forget to bring napkins, you absolutely can ask the flight attendant and they will give you a few pieces.
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