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Access causes slow rise, flight cancellations

Wednesday - 22/12/2010 02:24
This is one of those issues, "hot" is the most dissected at the preliminary meeting for the first 6 months of service VN Aviation Administration took place yesterday afternoon (27/7).
Access causes slow rise, flight cancellations

One of the problems is the director of Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam Lai Xuan Thanh stressed, is the slower rate, cancellations are showing signs of rising again.

Specifically, the first 6 months of 2016, Vietnam airlines performed more than 128 thousand flights of more than 20.2 thousand flights delayed, accounting for 15.8%, up 0.8 points compared to the first 6 months of 2015 . the number of flights canceled trip is 772, accounting for 0.6%, up slightly from the same period.

Of this, Vietnam Airlines has the lowest rate of delayed flights (15.3%), followed Vietjet (16.4%). Topping the list in the opposite direction is Jetstar Pacific with 20.7%.

Further analysis of the increase in unwanted, Mr Thanh said that the first 6 months of this year, production of transport of Vietnam Airlines reached nearly 19 million passengers, up 28.9%. Of these, 4.89 million foreign tourists is, domestic visitors to 14.07 million increase unexpectedly, up 33% compared to the first 6 months of 2015. "Last year slower rate, canceled flights are the first 6 months 15% - of the world fairly, "Mr Thanh said and adds: in aviation, slow rate, trip cancellation for low falls between 8-10%.

"Growth at a high level to 30%, the number of flights performed so when the ratio increased flights increased just a bit slow, the number of flights delayed, canceled very much," Mr. Thanh said.

Related to the causes of delay, trip cancellation, head of Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said that the passengers are not asked much about the weather reasons, only pressing on the cumulative trade trip, especially with trips late night, causing an extremely urgent psychological.

"Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has asked the Port Authority aviation focus areas checked, strictly control the situation," Mr Thanh said.

Also on the issue of flights canceled, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) Trinh Ngoc Thanh admitted slower rate, cancellation of flights of Vietnam Airlines increased over the same period, and well in excess of 2% compared with its set objectives.

"The cause happens slowly, canceling flights is not new, is still due to weather, technical, caused by the exploitation of the company itself, congestion of infrastructure, air traffic congestion ... However, the proportion between the cause of the change, Mr. Thanh said and added that the flight punctuality rate of Vietnam Airlines from China for only 40%, so low that the main reason due to flight operations, the Chinese side.

Finally, Mr Thanh said Vietnam Airlines will maximum effort to overcome the subjective reasons for the rate of late, canceled flights last year dropped to 12%.

Vietjet side, Nguyen Duc Tam, deputy director admits, delayed, canceled flight is a hot issue recently. Vietjet will also try to overcome the causes stem from the intrinsic and aims flight punctuality rate reached 90%.

Directing this regard, Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Nhat confirmed the delay, trip cancellation causes most annoyance to passengers. In the context of aviation hot growth, infrastructure has not met the requirements, the airlines themselves to attempt before.

"Clearly the same infrastructure conditions, the company still has a slower rate, soaring as Jetstar canceled flights. This means that due to intrinsic causes significant airlines. Therefore, the first airline to dissect the causes, identify their weaknesses in order to fix it, "Japanese Deputy Minister stressed.

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